Renewable Energy School of Skills – GWO Training Center

RESS is a certified BZEE and GWO partner in Romania, to offer skills development trainings for technicians working in the Renewable Industry for Wind and PV.

The BZEE Global Training Partnership delivers wind energy skills at 35 locations worldwide and boasts a track record of over 5000 highly qualified wind energy technicians. Currently approx. 2000 skilled company staff per year undergo GWO trainings focused on the specific environment of wind turbines.

Starting October 2016, RESS will start to deliver some additional courses for blade inspection and repairs, electrical equipment and other courses required by the industry or the local authorities.

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BASIC and REFRESHER Training Availability
FEBRUARY 2018: 12 – 23.02.2018     |   MARCH 2018: 12 – 23.03.2018
APRIL 2018: 16 – 27.04.2018
STARTING MAY, 2017 – GWO has implemented a new Code of Conduct.
For more information about this code, click here.

CURSURI ISCIR incepand din Decembrie 2017.

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  • RESS-FA-02 / RESS-FAR-03 : Emergency First Aid for working at height basic/refresh
  • RESS-WAH-05 / RESS-WAHR-06 : Working at heights and rescue training, basics/refresh
  • RESS-FAW-16 / RESS-FAWR-16 : Fire awareness and fire-fighting, basic/refresh
  • RESS-MH-22 / RESS-MHR-22 : Manual Handling, basic/refresh
  • RESS-BTT-01 : GWO Basic Technical Training (Feb 2018)

  • BZEE-ELT-06 : Switching authorization up to 52 kV
  • RESS-RSVTI-A : RSVTI Operator – Local Training
  • RESS-RSVTI-B : RSVTI Operator – re-authorization
  • BZEE-ROT-01 : Rotor Blade Inspection
  • BZEE-ROT-02 : Rotor Blade Repair

  • RESS-WTB-01 : Wind Turbine Basic
  • RESS-TET-01 : Technical English Basic
  • RESS-HSE-18 : Hazardous handling – ONLINE
  • BZEE-ELT-01 : Basic Electric / Earthing Protection
  • BZEE-WHT-01 : Hydraulic Wrench Training