BZEE : Renewable Energy School of Skills – GWO trainings for EUROPE, now in Constanta, Romania

Safety is the number one priority for the companies in the global wind industry and to contribute to a better and safer work environment, Global Wind Organisation was setup by 13 leading wind power companies in 2009.GWO was established between Vestas, RePower (now Senvion), Suzlon and Siemens Wind Power at a meeting the 24th of November 2009 hosted and initiated by Falck Nutec in Esbjerg. At this meeting all parties agreed to find an impartial institution to gather information send from each wind turbine manufacturer. The management at Falck Nutec offered their support and GWO accepted that Falck Nutec initially carried out the secretary function for GWO, now together with the Danish Wind Industry Association.

GWO Modules available in Constanta :

  • RESS-FA-02 / RESS-FAR-03 : Emergency First Aid for working at height basic/refresh
  • RESS-WAH-05 / RESS-WAHR-06 : Working at heights and rescue training, basics/refresh
  • RESS-FAW-16 / RESS-FAWR-16 : Fire awareness and fire-fighting, basic/refresh
  • RESS-MH-22 / RESS-MHR-22 : Manual Handling, basic/refresh
  • RESS-BTT-01 : GWO Basic Technical Training (Feb 2018)

  • BZEE-ELT-06 : Switching authorization up to 52 kV
  • RESS-RSVTI-A : RSVTI Operator – Local Training
  • RESS-RSVTI-B : RSVTI Operator – re-authorization
  • BZEE-ROT-01 : Rotor Blade Inspection
  • BZEE-ROT-02 : Rotor Blade Repair

  • RESS-WTB-01 : Wind Turbine Basic
  • RESS-TET-01 : Technical English Basic
  • RESS-HSE-18 : Hazardous handling – ONLINE
  • BZEE-ELT-01 : Basic Electric / Earthing Protection
  • BZEE-WHT-01 : Hydraulic Wrench Training
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