Constanta BZEE-GWO Training Center

Constanta BZEE-GWO training center is fully equipped to deliver a wide range of BZEE training modules together with the train-the-trainer programme. BZEE also uses its own training infrastructure to pilot new training sequences and develop purpose-built training equipment.

GWO Modules available in Constanta :

RESS-FA-02 : Emergency First Aid for working at height
RESS-WAH-05 : Working at heights and rescue training, basics
RESS-FAW-16 : Fire awareness and fire-fighting, basic training
RESS-MH-22 : Manual Handling

Offshore Training : Helicopter access and rescue training has been piloted in cooperation with offshore helicopter operators. The training programme will be available from mid 2015.
The BZEE Global Training Partnership provides BZEE training serving 12 national wind energy markets across the globe.